Misophonia Trigger Sounds

Here are some of the sounds/noises that can trigger a misophonia episode.

They may vary slightly from person to person (a trigger for one person might not be for another).


  • Lip smacking
  • Loudly shuffling papers or erratically turning pages
  • People reading newspapers
  • Chewing
  • Crunching on an apple
  • Something dropping on the floor suddenly (like cutlery or a remote control)
  • The sound of a ring pull being pulled on a soft drink can
  • The sound of someone licking their fingers
  • Rustling of crisp packets or anything made of plastic
  • Heels clacking on floor
  • Irregular breathing (such as certain sighs or sharp intakes of breath)
  • Coughing
  • Cutlery being banged or scraped on a plate


  1. Ashley Nikki

    Lord have mercy… i could make you a list prob 10 -pages long of trigger sounds.
    just the clicking of my fingers on the keyboard is bothersome. I hate when my phone rings, so I put it on do not distrurb, I do not like it vibrating either, so Its completely silent, I tell people to text me and I will call them. I am very sensitive to light as well. I do not like the sound of balloons blowing up, the sound of doors opening and closing, like at grocery stores that is a nightmare for me, the sound of the registers is awful, clocks ticking, horns honking, sirens, clicking of pens, sneezing, i feel like the worst mom ever when my kids are sick and up coughing at night because i just want to pull my own hair out. My kids make so many sounds with there mouths im not even sure how to discribe them. I have learned over time how to function in life. somewhat. I also do have OCD and PTSD, so much FUN. I am a double major in college currently, foreign language and criminal justice and will then be doing international studies. It is a challenge at times. I am trying to work on this, but it is hard. I wear an LG bluetooth headset at all times when out, I literally put on music when i am bothered by sound, I tell my kids I will not be able to hear them, and If they need me to tap me. at school I am allowed to wear my headphones as well, and use a quiet testing area if needed. The headphones have saved my life. I did once leave phone without them, I was at school, was panicking and after my first class, I left and went to the store and just bought a new pair. I have had to walk out of classes due to students tapping desks, or teachers playing videos to loudly. I have taken batteries out of clocks at school (dont worry I informed the administration the other day to go pop the batteries back in, in the rooms i popped them out.) the ticking was making me MAD. like insane. LOL.. how fun.. NOT. Do you know how many people suffer from this? I have never met anyone like me ever. People think im crazy. I hate fireworks too. 🙁 i like to look at them though from like my window or on you tube videos. Chuck e cheese sucks too. Ive gotten better over time, I have taken my kids to chuck e cheese now that they are a little older and can play on their own and be responsibile, and taken them to firework shows, and church halloween events, and the etc… its still very overwhelming, I just have to make sure my phone is charged and my headset is charged. 🙁 i would love to hear back from you and maybe get in contact with someone or other who have this “phobia” or whatever it is…

    • Anonymous

      That sounds rough. My misophonia is a bit more toned down than that, with only a few trigger sounds. Hope yours gets better.

    • Yasmin

      I too am like this the sounds on the streets motorbikes ambulances people talking loudly
      Or phone ringing
      Water from a tap etc
      I m about to go crazy

  2. Denise

    I have suffered from misophonia since I was 10 years old. I recall the trigger – family members eating. But this developed to include many other triggers. As I grew up I found ways to deal with certain noises; by not eating with the family, closing windows to block out neighbours noises, etc. When I was an adult I would ensure anytime I moved home I went somewhere that would alleviate one of my triggers (move out of a flat and into a house, out of a house in the city and into the country, etc.). However, whatever trigger I alleviated was replaced by a new trigger. My mind simply seeks noise disturbances. Recently I moved to an extremely peaceful place in the world. No traffic, no neighbours, no noise. Ten days ago, for no reason whatsoever, I developed another trigger – aircraft noise. I do not live near an airport, but I do live beneath a busy flight path. However, the planes are usually 5 miles up! But to me they sound like they are in my back yard. I have lived in this place for over three months and for reasons beyond me the trigger came on suddenly, without any previous annoyances with aircraft noise. I am now going crazy because I can hear every single plane, even in the house with all the windows and doors shut, the radio on, etc. I have sought a special type of counselling which begins tomorrow which is suppose to help me to confront the problem that causes these triggers, rather than trying to shut the triggers out with earplugs or headphones, closing doors or windows. I can no longer even go outside for a walk without feeling like I am going to go crazy. This is no way to live. And I can’t move house this time because there is aircraft everywhere, even over the Pacific Ocean! The reality is aircraft noise has always been there. My mind has just chosen to find another trigger since all the others have gone. If the treatment works I will let you know.

    • Allergic to Sound

      Hi Denise, thank you for your comment. What type of counselling are you signing up for? It’d be very interesting to hear.

  3. Sreve Wright


  4. Eve

    Why isn’t my trigger sound on their? Do I just have a really rear case of misophonia? Has anyone ever had a ringtone as a trigger sound?

    • Allergic to Sound

      Hi Eve, this isn’t an exhausted list by any means and there are several sounds on there which trigger me and other misophones which I haven’t put down. It’s just a guide to give you an idea of some of the most common ones.

  5. Shelby

    Wow – Thank you so much for putting all this together. I have suffered from this for as long as I can remember but always just thought it was an abnormal thing only I suffered from. Therefore, I never reached out to a doctor about it. However, now I feel comfort in knowing I am not alone, and the confidence to seek treatment.

  6. michele shingler

    I am so glad i am not alone with this ridiculous condition. mine started when i was about 14 or 15 when i started to notice my mum speaking when eating with food in her mouth which used to fly out, it was disgusting and hated meal times. Then i could hear her breathing when doing her sewing with her mouth open, so she was the trigger in this. When i left home things got better but gradually started to come back. I couldnt stand people licking their fingers whilst eating, or smacking their lips,going to the cinema now i have to sit in the back row cos the sound of people eating popcorn and rustling their bags makes me wanna chuck it over their head lol, so cant have anybody sitting behind me in cinema. We got a dog, the poor dog was only doing doggy things but when he got excited he breathed and panted and i couldnt stand it, i hated hearing him eating. I hate popping noised in peoples throat, its a nightmare, and writing it down sounds so ridiculous, my children laugh at me and say im a nutter, but its only certain sounds, im fine with everyday noises, just people and dogs and their noises.

  7. Ian

    Can music (all types) be a trigger?


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