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    Eddie Lally

    Im having great difficulty in conveying how serious my misophonia is to everyone. It doesnt help that im 16 so most of the people that i have to tell to stop are immature, thus prompting them torture me. (Torture is a strong word; being the reason that i used it). For some reason this is almost always the case when i tell someone to stop triggering me. Sometimes i feel like i have to seriously harm them to stop it from happening, luckily i have not seriously injured anyone yet but im terrified that i will one day. I have punched few people in the face but im very against any kind of violence and hate myself so much for it.

    I would like to hear from some fellow sufferers about how you ask people to stop and if the amount of rage i feel is normal, when triggered.

    My triggers are pretty much any sound that is not speaking that comes from a mouth.

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    Honestly, and this can be hard when you’re 16, I know, but you may have to find a way to politely excuse yourself from the situation. Find a reason to walk away, use the restroom, grab something from across the room, etc.

    Also, it may be best NOT to share this information with most others. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, of course, but phobias aren’t taken terribly seriously by many, mostly because I think they don’t relate. And, your peers especially, will want to tease you. Misophonia is one of those quirks some of us have that WE need to adjust our lives around, not others. Our triggers are valid, but it’s not acceptable that we expect people to change their eating habits.
    Also, check out DBT, especially the mindfulness module. This has gotten me through so much.
    Don’t worry, you got this!!

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    Usually it’s impossible not to share.

    Someone deliberately clicked a pen repeatedly in an office (yes, you know, like in a professional organisation place!) They got dealt with though ;).

    Just ask them nicely and apologise is the best advice from me.

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    Misophonic DUDE

    Dude you need to talk to a psychiatrist or a therapist, this isn’t normal.

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    Hi Eddie,

    I think everyone here can empathise with your pain and that overwhelming (and yes torturous!) feeling of panic and anger which can wash over us during triggers.

    However, as you say, it’s never acceptable to hit anyone. I agree with Mystic Fupa too here. It might be worth gauging who you tell about your misophonia. I actually never told anyone at my school because I knew kids wouldn’t get and that worse, they might use it against me and it could have the potential to create the kind of conflict you talk about.

    If you have the faintest inclining that you’re leaning towards violence in the future, the easiest, fastest and safest thing to do is just remove yourself from the situation.

    As others have said, leave the room, walk away… make an excuse and go to the bathroom.

    When you’re alone again, splash your face with cold water, take a deep breath and reset yourself. As you get older you’ll find that you can slot into coping mechanisms like these easier.

    You can absolutely do this.

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