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    I have disliked noise for as long as I can remember, but as I have got older it has got worse to the point where I find it difficult to be with people. I am naturally a bubbly person, but of recent times I have become more withdrawn and want to be on my own. To read other people’s stories is of great comfort, because as much as you may have the most loving family, I don’t think people truly understand unless they have experienced it.

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    Hey Laura, totally agree, there are some great stories on there. It’s great to know that we’re not alone.

    I just want to add some counterbalance on the age/misophonia issue – as this has come up a couple of times recently.

    My own personal experience is that my misophonia hasn’t worsened with age and that it has more or less stayed the same, but with peaks and troughs which can sometimes last weeks or months.

    For me those peaks and troughs almost always seem to be related to one of two things:

    1) Stress levels (how much work I have on and how things are going with my relationships)
    2) My environment (i.e. have the sounds in my day to day increased/decreased recently?)

    As an overarching theme, and an addition to the above, is that I’ve found learning more about misophonia and reading about neuroscience and the brain has really helped me improve the way I can cope in the day to day.

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    i’ve had misophonia since i have been a child. It has been terrible. I avoid people as much as possible. My latest problem is there is a low humming noise that i hear when i am at home. I’m not sure if it’s a neighbor’s tv or maybe something else , but it keeps me awake at night. I can’t concentrate and I am nervous when I am at home. I wish I could live somewhere that is completely away from people. This has affected my life so horribly. I’m glad I finally have a place to vent where people understand. I am ashamed to tell my family.

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    Hello everyone

    First of all, I am very happy to have found this site. I see that there are more people in the same situation as me.

    The truth is that sounds have bothered me for a long time and that I think I have misophony, when I hear certain sounds I feel irritable and in a bad mood.

    The problem is that for a long time now my partner’s noises have bothered me and that has caused our relationship to get worse … I really don’t know if my misophony can make the relationship wear out and end.

    Lately I have begun to notice strange things in my partner, his behaviors … and I suppose it is because of my reactions to his sounds that bother me and my treatment towards him.

    I have found a site that talks about infidelity in marriage and it has given me good answers, but I want to ask you if anyone has suffered this situation with misophinia and if it has affected the marriage.

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    Anne Janet crane

    I too have had miso since I was very young. When in school, clicking pens, tapping, seeing repetitive motion, hearing whispering, (disturbing more when you know the offender can control it) was a nightmare. I have custom made earplugs because hearing my husband breathe triggers me. We have changed restaurant tables more times than I care to remember just because a table nearby had loud talkers and annoying laughter. Loud talkers with accents exacerbates my triggers. The only thing redeeming is that my husband has been very understanding. This pandemic requiring us to stay at home, to me has made my miso so much more tolerable. Good to know that other people share my misery.

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