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    So i have misophonia well at least i think i do anyways. Im 15 years old and noises like snoring, loud breathing, eating and wheezing really fustrates me. My mum is a really loud snorer and I can hear her from my room and She tried noise plugs but they didn’t work and now she’s given up on fixing it because no one else in my house can hear her even though she is really loud. I dread dinner time because my dad eats loudly and everytime i try to talk to my oaremts about it they either laugh and domt really care or my dad has a go at me syaing that he cant control how he eats and no one understands how angry and upset i get. I was up all night last night because i was getting so frustrated by my mums snoring and i got so distressed and it seems so stupid, i feel trapped. My family complain i dont spend enough time with the but i dont because i know if i do i will get angry from the sounds. Please help.

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