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    Hello there, I am new on here.
    I have many “single noises” which I can’t tolerate – including fridge noise, clocks ticking, chairs scraping, electric fan blowing, traffic. I don’t hate eating sounds as many of you seem to – though somebody eating an apple next to me on a train made me anxious a couple of years ago… THE huge one for me though is general background noise not mentioned much on here.

    I now avoid chatting in groups of people (pubs, restaurants, home group gatherings) due to getting exhausted/overwhelmed and having to zone out. If I am trying to chat with one person right next to me, I can hear all the chat and noise of the room far louder than the person right next to me. As I say, igt is exhausting and overwhelming! Anybody else have this or any advice? I have had no treatment at all as yet as I have juts struggled along and made my life very much smaller and quieter, but I miss my friends and a social life and being out in the world more. Thanks for any advice.

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