Here are some fantastic online resources where you can find out more information about misophonia:

Misophonia International

Read more here

Misophonia Education

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Sense Haven

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Research Programmes

Sensory Processing and Emotion Regulation Program

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Misophonia Research

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The LeDoux Lab

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Books About Misophonia

Full of Sound and Fury was written by fellow misophonia sufferer, Shaylynn Hayes, to help people with this disorder and raise awareness. It includes interviews with real misophones. She strives to teach the general public about the disorder in a way that also resonates with sufferers. With a foreword and research information by Dr. Jennifer Jo-Brout, Full of Sound and Fury is a great starting place when it comes to dealing with misophonia.

You can see Shaylynn’s book here

Exploring Misophonia is an effort by sufferers, doctors, and professionals to understand this disorder. On the front-lines of research and advocacy, Misophonia International has interviewed professionals and sufferers over the course of two years. In this time many discoveries have been made. An exploratory process, Exploring Misophonia is an anthology that focuses on the developments of misophonia in the here and now.

You can find Exploring Misophonia here

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