This is the #26 edition of our My Misophonia Story series. This week features Rebecca (13) from the USA. Each week we’ll feature a new reader story, so if you’d like to share yours, please drop us a line. Rebecca, take it away…

Where are you from?

Reston Virginia, USA

What do you do for a living?


What are you passionate about / what are your hobbies?

Field hockey, cooking

How old were you when you first realised you had an issue with certain sounds?

When I was about 7 we were watching a movie and all I could hear was my sister chewing but no one else seemed to be bothered

When did you first find out it was called misophonia?

About 2 years ago my friend told me about it

What are your 3 biggest triggers?

1. Biting off parts of crunchy foods especially carrots

2. Swallowing

3. The smacking sound people make when chewing gum

Do you have any other sensory quirks?

I have misokinesa with triggers including chewing and rubbing lips. I also have very sensitive hearing so I can hear sounds most people can’t. I also have a trigger like response to the scent of mint.

Have you told other people about your misophonia and if so what was their reaction?

I have told one of my close friends who also has it and my sister who are both very nice and understanding and helpful. I have also told my mom who only makes fun of me for it.

What’s your funniest/most ridiculous misophonia-related moment?

I was leaving the room because of my misophonia and then I walked into the closed door.

What helps you to cope with your misophonia?

1. Run!!!
2. If running is not possible put headphones on or plug my ears to dull the sounds
3. I also tend to lightly tap my fingers on the table to distract myself
4. Mimicking the sounds also helps

What are you misophonic superpowers?

I have very sensitive hearing so I hear all the little beeping sounds from TVs or anything I don’t figure out what half of them are from because I am the only one that can hear them.

What’s the single most useful piece of misophonia related advice you’ve learnt?

It’s ok to ask to go to the bathroom to calm yourself down.

What’s your very best life hack?

To make perfect pancakes ever time make tiny pancakes about 2 inches in diameter and put a thin layer of water on your hands so if you touch the pan you won’t get hurt.

Is there anything else you’d like to share with your fellow misophones?

A lot of times people will understand and try to be helpful don’t be afraid to share.

And finally! The quick fire round…

Favourite place you’ve visited:


Favourite song:

No Roots – Alice Merton

Favourite book:

Darling Mercy Dog of World War 1 – Alice Leonhardt

Favourite work of art:

Persistence of Memory – by Salvador Dali

5 things you couldn’t live without:

Caramel, breakfast foods, puppies, my family, my one misophone friend