Kristina’s Misophonia Story

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This is the #48 edition of our My Misophonia Story series. This week features Kristina (14) from India. Each week we’ll feature a new reader story, so if you’d like to share yours, please drop us a line. Kristina, take it away…

Where are you from?


What do you do for a living?

I’m currently a student, studying in Dubai

What are you passionate about / what are your hobbies?

I’m passionate about mathematics and science, although I love math more. My hobbies are to read, listening to music and to build houses on sims freeplay.

How old were you when you first realised you had an issue with certain sounds?

When I was 11 years old I started to realize that I had certain problems with sounds, but I didn’t really care about it because it wasn’t that significant. Last year however, I had a lot going on in my head about sounds.

When did you first find out it was called misophonia?

4 months ago. Once I just couldn’t take it anymore, so I searched it up and realized that I had Misophonia, I immediately went to my room and sobbed.

What are your 3 biggest triggers? 

Do you have any other sensory quirks?

Not only with Misophonia, but I think I have misokinesia… the one where certain visuals disturb me…

Have you told other people about your misophonia and if so what was their reaction?

Yeah, I told my parents and they don’t believe me, well, they say that just because you feel this way doesn’t mean that you have a brain disorder. But deep down, I know that they know that I have a mental disorder, but they just don’t want me to have it because it will effect my life negatively…

What’s your funniest/most ridiculous misophonia-related moment?

On my non calculator assessment (for maths) I got 100%, but on my calculator assessment I got 76%. Lol. All because of the calculator sounds…

What helps you to cope with your misophonia?

I get out of the room! (Flight response)
Or I use my earphones
Or I mimic their reactions, which helps, only a bit though
Or I just close one (or two if fortunate) ear and make some sounds with the saliva in my mouth

What are your misophonic superpowers?

I am very smart, I am practically the best student in my math class (I scored higher than everyone in my class for the mental math test and for the non calculator paper) and I got the 3rd highest mark in my UKMT Math challenge this year! Yay!

I think I have a high IQ, because once I took this quiz online and it said that I have an IQ of 140…

Also, I have a very strong sense of smell, sound, and sight.

What’s the single most useful piece of misophonia related advice you’ve learnt?


What’s your very best life hack?

Instead of studying for ‘math’ I memorize the formulas needed, and do some practice papers!

Is there anything else you’d like to share with your fellow misophones?

I talked to my school counselor today, and told me that we can find a few coping mechanisms to help me concentrate on my schoolwork.

And finally! The quick fire round…

Favourite place you’ve visited:


Favourite song:

I don’t have one, because I listen to mashups instead.

Favourite book:


Favourite work of art:

I don’t really know….. oh wait! THE MONA LISA!

5 things you couldn’t live without:

My family
My house
My clothes


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