Jessica Misophonia StoryThis is the #11 edition of our My Misophonia Story series. This week features Jessica (15) from the USA. Each week we’ll feature a new reader story, so if you’d like to share yours, please drop us a line. Jessica, take it away…

Where are you from?

Southern side of the USA.

What do you do for a living?

I’m still in school.

What are you passionate about / what are your hobbies?

Write lyrics, draw, and writing stories.

How old were you when you first realised you had an issue with certain sounds?


When did you first find out it was called misophonia?

Last year.

What are your 3 biggest triggers?

Loud chewing, smacking lips, and people slurping on their drinks.

Do you have any other sensory quirks?

I have Minokesia, I hate seeing the sight of leg movement.

Have you told other people about your misophonia and if so what was their reaction?

Yes, only to three of my friends. Some thought I was kidding until I got deeper into my conversation about it.

What’s your funniest/most ridiculous misophonia-related moment?

I never had a funny moment with misophonia.

What helps you to cope with your misophonia?

I constantly would have to leave the room when I hear a trigger sound, or I would cover my ears.

What are you misophonic superpowers?

I don’t have none.

It made me really compassionate towards others.

What’s the single most useful piece of misophonia related advice you’ve learnt?

Go outside to cool down when my trigger sounds are irritating me.

What’s your very best life hack?

Scrape the back of your ears if you have a sore throat, it will relieve the pain for a bit.

Is there anything else you’d like to share with your fellow misophones?

Never give up the fight with Misophonia, it will be tough, but the trigger sound is temporary.

And finally! The quick fire round…

Favourite place you’ve visited:

Dominican Republic

Favourite song:

“Million Eyes” by Loic Nottet and “Something Different” by Why Dont We?

Favourite book:

Too many to think of

Favourite work of art:

Too many to think of

5 things you couldn’t live without:

God, singing, writing, parents, and my dogs