Misophonia in Phantom Thread

by | Mar 11, 2020 | Misophonia in TV & Film | 4 comments

Phantom Thread (2018) is Paul Thomas Anderson’s dark and evocative journey into the clipped, controlled world of Reynolds Woodcock, a fictional couture designer in 1950’s London. Daniel Day Lewis and Lesley Manville are spellbinding in their roles.

Though Mr Woodcock’s character is a testy perfectionist, and not very likeable at the best of times, this breakfast scene may be one of the best representations of misophonia (intentional or otherwise) in film.

n.b. The bit we’re interested in is the first part (it moves on to a different scene after 2:28 minutes)

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  1. Sam

    I can completely relate to this. When people make noises, and you suffer from misophonia, you think they do it overly loudly or on purpose.

    • Allergic to Sound

      Yes, it’s interesting isn’t it? I think this scene does an excellent job of showing that this. Each party feels aggrieved and ‘got at’ by the other even though that’s not anyone’s intention.

  2. Diana

    “maybe you’re paying too much attention to it” oh boy that sounds like my little brother (he still doesn’t seem to believe me even though he triggers me the most) >.<

  3. Neil Watling

    My Misophonia kicked in just watching this clip when the girl starts buttering the toast
    then went up a level with the trickling water!


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