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    Laughing! Last few weeks I’ve started to take notice of people’s laugh. My partner’s is a very loud laugh and then there is the cacklers. Argh!

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    Hi, Thank you for letting me have a safe place to talk about my sound sensitivity issues. One of my biggest triggers is bass coming from car stereos. There is no music to speak of its just boom boom boom that low IQ people enjoy at the expense of the entire community. It seems to be a selling point for all new cars too. I end up so angry after just a few seconds of listening to this junk that I have to meditate internally before I can either walk away or ask as nice as possible for whomever to please lower the volume. Usually I have to extricate myself from the situation in order not to start a scene. Unfortunately for me it’s any loud unexpected noise, slamming of a door, car alarm, people screaming, babies crying, care engine revving, the list is to long to list. Some day’s I cannot leave home I am so sensitive. I have tried dozens of remedies with zero relief so far. I would listen to anyone’s tips for coping.
    Thank you,

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    Bass / any ‘deep’ sounds. Thumping (ie kids upstairs jumping for hours on end). Dogs barking ( Dog next door is LOUD and it is small so it is very high pitched, and owners let it bark. Some days it barks about once every ten minutes, all day….)

    And I cannot cancel it out with music / noise because it is too low / High pitched to be masked by other sounds.

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    People putting down pens on desks. I’ve started to notice this and sounds like people are slamming down pens and gets quite annoying. I’ll mention it by making a joke out of it somehow to try get them to stop but inside I’m raging.

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    I just recently found out I have Misophonia (Sound sensitivity syndrome). My issue specifically is when people breathe loud and exhale loudly or even a loud sigh. I also hate when children cry loudly and when people eat loudly e.g., smack on their food and eat with their mouth open and after they drink something, they exhale loudly like, “Ahhhhh.” I always knew I had a sound sensitivity issue but never knew there was a name for it, let alone, finding out it is a psychological injury.

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    Wet chewing is the worst of the lot.

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    1. My Dog licking himself
    2. Chewing-esp.w/mouth open & when there’s a lot of saliva involved

    I get short of breath and filled w/rage and desperation. I don’t act out, I just run out of the room until I calm down.

    My DNA test came back saying that Misophonia is in my genes. I felt relief knowing that it wasn’t just me being an intolerant jerk.

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