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    Isaac Roths

    That sound that’s made when you swallow – while taking – and then click your tongue against your mouth while also, possibly smacking your lips. This may not be a good description, but basically everyone on YouTube seems to do this and it’s possibly the most torturous thing I’ve ever had to endure. I guess the best example I can give is Because Science’s Kyle mostly in his live episodes. He does this thing just about every 5 seconds. -_-

    I don’t really have any problem with most real people because I have agoraphobia, so my only exposure to annoying sounds comes from YouTube.

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    Right now, every sound that is repetitive. Some, more than others. Can’t even listen to Mozart anymore for longer than half an hour, especially if I catch a repetitive note, which is bound to happen, even with a genious like him. Getting worse as I get older. Best not to isolate myself but be exposed to trigger sounds on and off as I have found long term isolation from trigger sounds has made things worse for me. So, a bit like using homeopathy, but with no chance of cure, only stabilizing the ailment.

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    Everything is a trigger or at least that’s how it feels,

    Dogs barking
    Kids talking loud
    Baby crying
    People eating especially with their mouth open, I have to leave the room some times.
    Biting nails, even people just touching their nails I swear I can hear noise!

    Chewing yogurt… not necessariy!

    Clanking cutlery around the mouth.

    Pretty much anything that some deem upsetting you can add it on the list!

    Makes meal times especially very uncomfortable for everyone!

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    Wow. I feel so bad for all of us. I always feel so awful about all the rage/anger I feel – especially toward my family members. My main triggers are mouth noises (eating with mouth open, lip smacking, slurping, etc), the “ahhh” people make every time they take a sip of coffee (i refuse to believe it is THAT good/refreshing!), nail clipping, some keyboard typing (not all), spoon scraping the yogurt cup (just awful! my co-worker must stir the yogurt several times very fast before EACH spoonful, scraping the sides of the cup EVERY time) – just to name a few. It is somewhat of a relief to know I am not alone in this. Although I sincerely believe it is contributing to my hypertension (I can feel my blood pressure rising during lunch time at work when I am unable to leave my desk and remove myself from the noise).

    However, I would like to thank you all for spot-on descriptions of your reactions! (Some actually made me laugh out loud!). I wish the best for you all in dealing with this.

    Let’s put our minds together and come up with a solution/treatment!

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    Don’t even get me started. I can’t stand when people eat, or breathe. Gum is the worst thing ever invented. Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice to chew gum, but I stopped when I realized, HOW INFURIATING IT IS, to listen to.

    I was recently seated next to a person, who absolutely loved gum. And last year, I sat next to the worst kind of person in the entire ducking universe; the person who thinks it’s FUNNY to annoy me. He realized that I rested my head on my hand, and put a finger in my ear, to block his breathing noise. But he made it worse, the second he realized that. I sometimes wanted to hit him for thinking that it was funny.

    Also, I get seriously triggered by movements too. My whole family moves their feet around when watching TV. This has forced me to stay in my room most of the times, an interesting show is on the TV. And in cars…. that’s probably the worst. There’s no escape. My little sister has her hands on her lap, and then she fidgets with them. I get INFURATED. Sometimes I bring a blanket into the car, so I can put it over my head or bury my face in it. Also, we are 3 kids, so one has to be in the middle seat. That middle seat is the demon itself. There’s nowhere, I can look without a person being there, and I can’t lean on anything. That sucks. If I didn’t have my trusty old headphones….

    Luckily they are noise canceling. They were expensive, but my parents realized, that I needed them, and I got them. I thank the gods for them almost every day.

    Today, I was just making my lunch for tomorrow, and my mom was emptying the dish washer. I could hear her sharp breathing, and it triggered me to the point where I needed to escape. I usually pressure myself into staying, because I hope that it will get better. It never does, so when I finally surrender, I’m running. It probably looks so weird from other people’s POV. I’m just casually doing something, and then suddenly speed walking(if not running) towards the nearest door.

    Anyway, I opted for the nearest door, and as soon as I closed it, I slid down the wall, and started crying. I couldn’t take it. It’s the same if I walk into the kitchen, thinking that I want to get something to eat, but then my mom is sitting at the table, eating her favorite food. Its some kind of, IDK thick yoghurt? But EVERY TIME she puts the spoon down, to pick up some more, it makes that deadly sound we all know. It sounds like someone eating a banana or yoghurt(times 10). It SO BAD.

    I usually just close the door again. It’s the same when my little sister eats crackers. I know she gets hurt, but I can’t deal with it.

    And there’s something I have named “unconscious eating” it’s when people eat, but they eat SSLLOOWWLLYY because their attention is on something like a newspaper or a phone.

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    -Snoring. By far my worst trigger and unfortunately something my husband does almost every night. My defenses are down when I’m tired so the irritability multiplies which obviously exacerbates the issue.

    -Repetitive noises make me feel super anxious. Foot/ finger tapping, clicking pens, and sniffling/ throat cleaning come to mind.

    -Hearing muffled music coming from someone else’s headphones. Honestly I’d rather them just play their music out loud.

    -Brigette’s note about eating ice cream resonated with me 100%. Until I read this thread, I hadn’t associated this issue with my misophonia.

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