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    Hi all,

    I’m a newbie here looking for help with my misophonia.

    I have an elderly neighbour who likes to whistle 24/7. The noise gets me so so angry I can’t stand it sometimes. I’ve tried speaking with him about it and he said that he “will try to stop”. – but he hasn’t!

    I can amuse myself during the day, and use a white noise machine, or try to block out his sound with music etc. But what I’m really struggling with is sleep.

    I often get woken up about 2am/3am with him whistling. It infuriates me/cuts through me so bad that I spend the next few hours lying still just becoming angrier and angrier.

    Is there anything you guys use to cope with noisy neighbours when it comes to sleep?

    So far, I’ve tried:
    a white noise machine – but honestly it has to be turned up to a volume so high that it keeps me awake anyway
    soft earplugs – which do actually work most of the time (sometimes they fall out in the middle of the night, which means I end up being woken up / other times I push them in so deep that I actually wake up in pain)
    meditation / mindfulness before sleep

    Is there anything out there that I haven’t thought of? Ideally I’d like something that is available in the UK (not too pricey) and can block out all sound. I’ve had a look into headphones but I don’t think playing music during sleep will help me here.


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    Keep putting notes through the door every time he does it asking him politely to stop or play loud parrot sounds back at him or thumping sounds to give a subtle hint to stop. / Bang on the wall when he’s doing it.

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