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    This is not about complaining about noisy neighbours. This is about people living in same area as me getting on with their lives – but i can hear it! if i can hear my neighbours in their garden then my anger rises to 150% and i just feel i’m gonna blow. i can’t relax. Same in public spaces if i can hear people near me – and it has ruined camping for me as i’m just so tense constantly. it makes me feel so extremely vulnerable and insecure and my reaction is anger and hatred. i find it so hard to live with – just wish i could mellow out and let people be – anyone else get this?

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    I have the same issue! Last night my neighbors, who are very nice, btw, were playing music I think from a car in the driveway. At first it was annoying, then I flew into an angry rage and my family just thought I was crazy for getting so, so angry. I then realized this is a longtime problem…every time I hear bass or music playing outdoors when I am indoors… which makes me despise summertime in my neighborhood. The weird thing is that if neighbors are playing music in their backyard and I am outdoors, it doesn’t bother me as much. I boil over when hearing music through my walls or windows! We are not the type of family who lives in a home with air conditioning running all the time. We love letting fresh air in with wide open windows! But over the years I have had to live with air conditioning on, a fan running and headphones always on. I work from home so at least i have a dedicated window air conditioner and can find peace in there but if I have to leave my office to go to another part of my home where I can hear music playing outside, I can boil over in seconds! At least now I have a name for this problem. Just glad to find this forum.

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    Gosh, I can relate to both of you! It is really disheartening isn’t it? Everyday, I question whether I can continue life like this.It has definitely gotten worse in the last decade of my life, I am now 45.
    I live on 1.5 acres, out in a small bush town but still, noise angers me. It is like they don’t have the right to make any noise at all. Especially machinery and chainsaws, especially during Winter, which is now in Australia. I have explained the condition to my fiancée and he says he understands but I am unsure if he does. I feel a bit better now I know it is a neurological condition but you just can’t be in control of others’ movements.I also relate to the anger that bass instills in me! I can hear it at night from miles away and I too despise summer and daylight savings (longer days)as there are more people outdoors and more parties going on. My headphones are also my saviour and I just have to do what I have to do to make it through each day

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