Some very exciting news for you…

Dr Jennifer Jo Kanter-Brout from Misophonia International, Dr Zach Rosenthal from Duke University and Dr Sukhbinder Kumar from UCL are hosting a free misophonia webinar in May.

You may remember Dr Kumar. He’s the neuroscientist who released that exciting new misophonia research in February which proves – using ACTUAL SCIENCE – that we’re not completely mad.

This webinar is THE best opportunity to ask the pros – the people right at the cutting edge – what’s happening in the weird and wonderful world of misophonia right now.

It’s being held on Friday, the 5th May at 12:30pm EDT (New York) and 5:30pm GMT (London), so if you’re free make sure you save the date. I’ve put two timezones here, but this is open to everyone, wherever you’re from.

You can register for it here (Misophonia Webinar – Friday, 5th May)

Zach, Jennifer and Sukhbinder are going to talk about the latest developments and research in the field and then at the end they’ll host a Q&A session.

This will be your opportunity to ask them whatever’s on your mind (if you want to).

If you’re not familiar with what a ‘webinar’ is, please don’t worry, it’s nothing scary (no public speaking, nudity or cult joining involved). It’s basically an online presentation that you can log into.

You can see the presentation, but others can only see your questions if you want them to. So if you’re at all shy DON’T WORRY, you can simply observe – that’s totally fine.

Here’s the link that you need again

Now, when I registered I must admit I wasn’t sure where to sign up at first, so I’ve made a little screenshot for you below.

When you click on the link and the website loads you’ll see a little blue ‘Register’ link just underneath the picture of Jennifer where I’ve put the pink arrow. Just click on that, follow the instructions and you should be set.

IMPORTANT: If you do want to attend please make sure you register. You’ll need a special login to view the webinar which you’ll be sent by email. Here’s that link again, it’s completely free.