Misophonia Research Network and Duke University are hosting a special online misophonia masterclass.

This is perfect if you have misophonia or know or care for someone with the disorder.

You’ll learn, among other things, about:

– How and why sounds can trigger such strong reactions
– The very latest misophonia research
– What you and loved ones can do to help

It’s being hosted online by the awesome Dr Jennifer Brout and Dr Zachery Rosenthal, who are leading authorities and tireless advocates for our disorder.

You can sign up here (now closed)

This is a really REALLY important event.

1. You’ll learn essential coping techniques and increase your knowledge of misophonia

2. By signing up you’re directly helping fund vital research into misophonia.

ALL the proceeds from this go into the misophonia research programme at Duke University.

Progammes like this are essential if we want to get our disorder officially recognised by governments and medical communities worldwide and find effective treatments for miso.

It takes place on Friday 10 November at 1pm EST (which is 5pm GMT). If you’ll be at work, on holiday or having tea with the queen that day, please don’t worry. Sign up and you’ll be given access to a recording of the masterclass afterwards, so you won’t miss a thing.

I’ve signed up and I hope you’ll join me. Here’s that link again:

You can sign up here (now closed)

Please do spread the word and share this link wherever you can on Social Media, email and homing pigeon. Supporting initiatives like this is a way for our miso community to really stand up and make a difference.

Once again, all the money raised by this masterclass goes directly into misophonia research at Duke University.