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Misophonia on the BBC!

This is just a very quick post to point you towards two interesting pieces on misophonia that were featured on the BBC News website and on BBC Radio recently. You can see the article on the BBC News site here: Misophonia: Scientists crack why eating sounds can make...

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Get 50% of Misophonia International Magazine using this code

Good news misophones! Right now the folks over at Misophonia International are offering Allergic to Sound readers 50% off the Spring edition of Misophonia International Magazine. Reading between the lines I'm pretty sure they're offering this whopping discount because...

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Kurt Vile, Head Banging and Misophonia

Could misophonia be 'triggered' by an event that occurs during childhood, such as a physical or emotional trauma, or is there no casual connection?  For my birthday this year a friend bought us two tickets to see the fabulously named and fabulously talented Kurt Vile....

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We are not crazy space monkeys

I’ve decided to start a personal misophonia blog on the site. It’s a bit of an experiment and we’ll see how it pans out, but I’ll explain my thinking. From the emails I get from readers I know that one of the main things us misophones suffer with is a feeling of...

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