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Does ASMR Really Exist?

I've just come across an interesting article in El Pais about ASMR. You can read the article here if you speak Spanish (don't worry if not, I've translated it for you below). If you're not familiar with ASMR, it's a sensory phenomenon where the patient experiences...

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Misophonia Webinar – Monday 26th March, 2018

Duke University are hosting another misophonia webinar! These sessions are great for both misophonia sufferers and loved ones keen to learn more about the disorder. It's a chance to hear from the leading experts in the field and ask questions. I've been told that this...

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Online Misophonia Survey for the University of Texas

It's online survey time! Jonathan is an undergraduate psychology student at the University of Texas at Tyler. He's currently conducting a research study on misophonia and asked if we - fine and upstanding bastions of the misophonia world that we are - could help...

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What’s Your Best Misophonia Coping Technique?

How do you cope? That’s the theme for this blog post. I want to start putting all of our favourite misophonia coping techniques in one place so that we can benefit from each other’s experiences. So what’s your best misophonia coping techinque? What do you do in the...

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Volunteers Wanted for London (UK) Misophonia Study

Calling all misophones in or around London, we need your help! Knowing what happens in the brain during a misophonic episode is essential if we want to learn more about our disorder. Dr Kumar from Newcastle University and UCL has already conducted groundbreaking...

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Misophonia on the BBC!

This is just a very quick post to point you towards two interesting pieces on misophonia that were featured on the BBC News website and on BBC Radio recently. You can see the article on the BBC News site here: Misophonia: Scientists crack why eating sounds can make...

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Kurt Vile, Head Banging and Misophonia

Could misophonia be 'triggered' by an event that occurs during childhood, such as a physical or emotional trauma, or is there no casual connection?  For my birthday this year a friend bought us two tickets to see the fabulously named and fabulously talented Kurt Vile....

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We are not crazy space monkeys

I’ve decided to start a personal misophonia blog on the site. It’s a bit of an experiment and we’ll see how it pans out, but I’ll explain my thinking. From the emails I get from readers I know that one of the main things us misophones suffer with is a feeling of...

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