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What Do You Call A Group Of Misophonia Sufferers?

We have a name for our condition and that's misophonia. It's quite cool as far as these things go - sounds chic even. We're lucky, it might have ended up being named by a medical boffin with a ridiculous name. I mean, imagine if we had to go round telling people that...

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What is Misokinesia?

As if misophonia wasn't enough, many of us suffer from a related condition called misokinesia. If misophonia is best defined as a 'hatred' of certain sounds, misokinesia is probably best defined as a 'hatred' of certain movements. These movements tend to be small and...

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Help For Misophonia Sufferers in America

Thanks to Rachel Onken for the heads up via Twitter. If you suffer from misophonia and you live in the United States, the website misophonia-provider.com has come up with a handy list of health providers and practitioners who are familiar with the condition. Imagine...

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Take Action: Let’s Get Misophonia Recognised

Right now misophonia is almost completely unheard of... Those of us who suffer from it may have stumbled upon it online after some extensive Googling, but without doubt the vast majority of misophoniacs will have no idea that there's a name for their condition... or...

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17 Words That Describe Misophonia

It's hard for non sufferers to understand the extent of the physical and emotional response misophonia sufferers have when they're exposed to a misophonia trigger. Here's a list of words that describe some of the feelings that a suffer might typically experience when...

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Why Misophonia is So Often Misunderstood

Misophonia means literally 'hatred of sound' - or rather certain very specific (often repetitive) sounds. Only it's a bit more complex than that. One of the problems when describing misophonia to non-sufferers is that the concept is so simple it's often misunderstood....

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