Misophonia awareness petitionRight now misophonia is almost completely unheard of…

Those of us who suffer from it may have stumbled upon it online after some extensive Googling, but without doubt the vast majority of misophoniacs will have no idea that there’s a name for their condition… or indeed that it is a condition at all.

This really needs to change. Otherwise sufferers will continue to feel confused, scared and frustrated by their feelings towards certain sounds. They might feel hopeless or alone in their suffering, that they’re not ‘normal’ or that’s something’s wrong with them.

If we can increase awareness of this condition we can help educate both sufferers and non-sufferers alike and push for more research and study into the field.

A petition has been set up on Change.org to help get misophonia officially recognised by the Department of Health in Ireland:

You can get your name down here

If you suffer from misophonia, know someone who does or simply want to raise awareness for an important cause, please do take a couple of moments to look at the above. If you’re signed into Facebook, you can do it in a single click.

“But I’m not Irish, I’m American/English/Namibian/A wondering nomad” I hear you cry!

Obviously this is a petition for the Department of Health in Ireland but your nationality doesn’t matter. This is a global issue. If we can convince one government to take notice, the rest will follow.