Infographic: What is Misophonia and How Does it Affect People?

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Miso Infographic

This infographic is the introduction to Allergic to Sound’s new ‘explainer’ series.

It’s for anyone who might be new to the term misophonia and also for parents, friends, loved ones trying to make sense of all the information online.

Throughout this series I’ll do my best to explain the science and latest findings in simple and, where possible, visual terms.

Misophonia Infographic

For a printer friendly/downloadable version of this infographic please click here to load up the image file direct.

A big thank you to neuroscientist (and leading misophonia researcher) Dr Kumar for taking the time to look over this infographic and his help in getting the wording right. You can see details of his 2017 study here. Also to Dr Jennifer Brout for her tireless help and support in misophonia advocacy. You can see her Misophonia International website here.

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What you can do to help your loved one with misophonia

What you can do to help your loved one with misophonia

Misophonia is a complex and nuanced disorder. It can be extremely difficult to live with, not just for the person with misophonia but for everyone involved. Parents, siblings, partners and best friends. And it can sometimes feel like whatever you say or do, no matter...

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