This wonderful video guide comes from Dr Jennifer Jo Brout, founder of the Misophonia and Emotion Program at Duke University and the Director of the International Misophonia Research Network (IMRN). You can find more of her work online here at Misophonia International and here at the IMRN.

Just click the play icon on the image below to view this video. If that doesn’t work here’s a direct link to the YouTube page.

This is essential viewing if you have misophonia or know someone who has it. I thoroughly recommend watching it all the way through. However, if you want to come back to a specific section in the future (I know I will) I’ve labelled the time stamps below so that you can skip to the relevant point.

Inside this video:

Introduction and about Jennifer0:00
What is misophonia?2.24
Current misophonia research – 8:33
Visual triggers – 12:09
The truth about treatment – 14:39
Does wearing ear plugs or other devices to “escape” triggers make misophonia worse?17:25
Cognitive behavioural therapy is not working. Do you know why?22:32
How do you help your significant other cope during times like this?26:12
What is the best practice for dealing with barking dogs?31:10
How do you keep a healthy relationship with your family in the face of triggers?34:05
Submitted Comment: Coping with competing sounds45:13
How do I gently tell my partner to be more conscious of the way he eats?48:56
I used to exercise a lot to cope with misophonia. Now I am injured and can’t handle it51:30
Live questions and answers53:17

A big thanks also go to Shaylynn Hayes for helping produce this video and for her tireless work in the field. She’s included further useful links which you can find directly on the YouTube page, here. Please do click on the aforementioned link and give the video a like if you enjoyed it. Hopefully that way it will become more visible to the wider misophonia community.

Do you have any thoughts or further questions after watching this video? Are there any topics you’d like me to cover in future on Allergic to Sound? Let me know in the comments below.